How to Boost Mobile Ad Value?

Fake visitors, fake clicks, fake viewability: they’re the bane of mobile advertising.

But now Protected Media, a global provider of digital advertising solutions designed to increase media quality, is out with a multi-layered solution that could boost the value of mobile advertising.

“Protected Media is providing a multi-layered anti- fraud solution that detects a new strain of viruses that fake viewability, combined with a solution that verifies that ads are fully rendered and within viewing range on screens of mobile devices,” an announcement from Protected Media reads. “Together these two solutions provide double protection to protect advertising budgets and maximize the value of mobile advertising.”

The need is clear, since viewability data is critical for mobile marketers.

”Viewability is becoming a currency for online advertising, but at the same time bots are becoming more sophisticated and are undermining the validity of these measurements,” said Asaf Greiner, the CEO of Protected Media. “By detecting false viewability data that indicate that bots are at work, and then confirming that legitimate ads can be seen, we are providing a powerful combination that help bring back faith, trust and value to mobile advertising.”

Inability to accurately verify the viewability of mobile ads is a growing concern for digital advertisers. That’s been the case since mobile advertising grew to be a bigger component of advertising budgets.

The firm reminds us that, according to eMarketer, mobile ad spending will reach $45.95 billion this year, and by 2019, mobile will represent more than a third of total media ad spending in the US.

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