Protected Media Launches Mobile Viewability and Ad Fraud Solutions

Protected Media has launched viewability and ad fraud solutions for mobile advertising.

Its anti-fraud solution promises to detect a new strain of viruses that fake viewability, using technology from cyber-crime investigations, in order to ensure the legitimacy of each ad impression. The viewability solution provides granular information about the exact position of mobile ads, to ensure they are full rendered and within viewing range on a variety of devices.

The two are tied together with a reporting tool which can pinpoint exact sources of problematic traffic, enabling agencies and publishers to identify all ads that aren’t visible to real users.

“Viewability is becoming a currency for online advertising, but at the same time bots are becoming more sophisticated and are undermining the validity of these measurements,”, said Asaf Greiner, CEO of Protected Media, “By detecting false viewability data that indicate that bots are at work, and then confirming that legitimate ads can be seen, we are providing a powerful combination that help bring back faith, trust and value to mobile advertising.”

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