Protected AI

Protect Your Media, Secure Your Profits

Implement a single line of code to enhance your compliance detection capabilities, aligned with the latest industry standards, providing you with complete visibility into your traffic and allowing for quality enhancement and rate increase opportunities. 


Protected unique package for publishers and media owners enhanced empower them with data-driven insights for pre-ad deployment decisions. Safeguard your revenue streams and position your digital assets as a premium source for demand partners, within a single line of code.

A Single Line of Code, Endless Opportunities

Real-Time Verification

Next-generation verification solution, tailored for publishers and monetization technologies. Protected RTV is generating a real-time user score based on a unique quality and compliance system. Empower data-driven monetization decisions in real-time, before deploying ads, elevating your reputation as a premium supply source, resulting in higher rates.

Search Protection

Protected SRDR ensure compliance peace of mind through seamless alignment with leading search providers’ verifications. This encompasses latency measurement, IVT detection, and a guarantee of a high TQ (Traffic Quality) score.

Traffic Intelligence

Unlock granular layers of traffic intelligence measurement, granting clients complete visibility across their supply chain. Identify anomalous traffic behaviors with advanced matrices that recognize the original source type, curbing traffic manipulation and enhancing your quality.

Smart Agent

Forget about downloading reports and digging into pivot tables. Meet Protected Smart Agent, AI-driven tool on your dashboard. Smart Agent will analyze your data in real-time and present you the most important trends in every single moment. Using machine learning technologies Smart Agent will learn your preferences and show you the data-driven insights effecting your business decisions.

Ready to skyrocket



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