Actionable Ad Fraud protection

"Protected Media verifies that Taboola drives quality traffic from top publishers to help our customers convert and boost business. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and bringing trust back to digital advertising" Taboola
"Our number one goal is to always protect consumers. Partnering with Protected Media is another aspect of that defense that streamlines our team’s efficiency, ensuring that quality and engaging content is appearing to users" RevContent
"For Smaato, the quest to ensure a “clean ecosystem” has become a core objective for the business.
Partnering with Protected Media we aim to ensure that every publisher on board is fraud-free, brand-safe, transparent and viewable" Smaato
"We’re thrilled to be partnering with Protected Media to enable advanced, precise, and reliable fraud detection. By providing ad traffic verification and analytics, we’re able to offer high quality ad inventory in a trusted environment" Cedato
"Protected Media's unique approach allows us to accurately detect and measure fraudulent and suspicious behavior.
Unlike other solutions that try to deduce the existence of fraud based on features and data models, Protected Media product monitors the device responsible for each and every impression. Hence allowing us to quickly detect frauds in a granularity and accuracy I have never met.
Furthermore, as a customer, I have followed the progress of the product over a year and I can say that it evolved like no other product in the industry. I believe that Protected Media is setting the standard the facto of the fraud detection industry, and their approach will be the leading approach in this industry for years to come"
"Protected Media’s technology gives us in-depth information at the impression level that we need to diagnose problematic traffic. This enables us to work side by side with publishers on identifying and eliminating suspicious activity, and dramatically increasing overall ad quality. We’re pleased to partner with PM as we continue to meet and exceed industry standards when it comes to quality traffic" Web3


Protected Media, a pioneer in fighting ad fraud with cyber security technologies, is the winner of  Cyberstorm Competition, held by The Annual International Cyber Security Conference.


Use the most advanced cyber security technology to protect your every ad.


Get real time, critical data.
Uncover fraud as it happens.


Make informed decisions,
to the benefit of your entire campaign.


The online advertising eco-system has become infested with fraud, and more and more industry money – your money – ends up in the hands of organized crime. It is estimated that 36% of all ad traffic is fake. Can you imagine how good your performance will be if you get all this fraudulent traffic out of your way? Protected Media will fight fraud and leave you only with real users, clicking real clicks, and performing real installations.

Finally you can stop sharing your profits with parasites.


Fraud affects all aspects of your campaign – from planning to execution. Protected Media allows you to stop suffering passively from ad-fraud, and proactively implement proven cyber security solutions that fight fraud and raise competitiveness and profitability.

With Protected Media you can stop paying for fake traffic and invest your time and energy in real audience. You can stop making critical campaign decisions based on fraud-infected data, and start relying on real, verified numbers. With Protected Media you can take hold of your campaign and do so easily – seamlessly integrating advanced cyber security technology into your current workflow and systems.


We bring you the most advanced cyber security tools and knowledge so you can keep on doing what you're good at – only better.
Our easy to implement cyber security layer ensures your every ad – display, mobile or video – is properly located, visible, and seen by real people. The moment we detect any fraudulent action, we alert you in the most timely and useful fashion.

You can use our own reporting tools or integrate our results straight into your existing systems. Either way, we will provide you with all the data you need to make informed real time and long term decisions and communicate clearly with your traffic providers - all to the benefit of your business and campaign.


Protected Media is a single solution that fights multiple threats.

These include:

Non Human Traffic

Non human traffic, also known as bots, is malicious software designed to fraudulently view ads while mimicking human behavior. Bots often hijack computers of real users and hide under their credentials. The more sophisticated ones can move mouse cursors over ads, add items to shopping carts, and visit specific websites to generate lucrative cookies and get targeted and re-targeted. Identifying bots is Protected Media's specialty. Our team is constantly busy developing real time tests that tell with certainty whether the user viewing your ad is human or a machine.

Ad Viewability

Not only can Protected Media tell you whether your ad is seen by real humans, we can tell you whether your ad can be seen at all. You'll be surprised to learn how many of your ads don't actually reach a user's screen. Fraudsters can leave ads hidden under other ads on the same page, or give your ad only a 1 pixel slot. Fraudsters can also place your ad outside the boundaries of the screen. Protected Media has the technology to determine exactly how your ad is presented and provide you with valuable and real ad viewability data.

Brand Protection

Sometimes your ads are fraudulently redirected to websites different than those you requested. These can be websites promoting illegal activities or other adult sites that can damage your brand's reputation. Protected Media uses advanced mechanisms to know exactly where your ad is presented, and whether this site can be in any way harmful to your brand. 


Our solution is based on our specially developed multilayered ad protection technology,
which can tell in a flash whether your ad is viewed/clicked by real humans or not.

Our ad protection layers include:







A human viewing your ad will have no clue there's anything special going on in the background.
But even the most sophisticated bot will have no place to hide.


Fraud severely thwarts online advertising's biggest advantage – that it is targeted, and measureable.
Protected Media allows you to overcome this obstacle and make the most out of online advertising, for both you and your customers.

You should get your media protected if any of these claims apply to you:

Your ads pass through many middlemen before reaching the end user.

You believe someone in your eco-system may have an incentive to boost traffic.

You think your conversion levels should be higher.