New Ad Fraud Threats Require New Measures

Protected Media’s advanced cybersecurity ad fraud solution guards you against current and emerging threats across Connected TV, Display and Video advertising

“Protected Media verifies that Taboola drives quality traffic from top publishers to help our customers convert and boost business”
Ran Gishri
VP Marketing of Taboola
"With Protected Media, we can ensure our clients have the ad fraud protection they deserve."
Joe Hirsch
CEO of SpringServe
"Our partnership with Protected Media is another aspect of our ongoing commitment that streamlines our team’s efficiency."
Richard Marques
COO of RevContent
"With Protected Media, we can ensure that the traffic on our exchange is viewable, brand-safe, transparent and protected from fraud."
Georg Fiegen
COO of Smaato
"Protected Media’s multi-layered ML-based technology allows detecting and blocking frauds in real-time with unrivaled accuracy and granularity"
Saverio Mucci
Co-Founder and CTO of Instal
"Protected Media shines a bright light on the murkiness of OTT/CTV... Every advertiser should require it, and when that happens: a seismic disruption will unfold, resulting in known brand inventory having more demand with the fraudsters left behind"
David Zapletal, Chief Innovation & Media Officer, Digital Remedy

Counter ad fraud with cybersecurity

Ad fraud is becoming increasingly sophisticated, especially on new channels like connected TV. Fraudsters routinely use advanced ML and AI to successfully combat anti-fraud solutions. Only a cybersecurity evidence-based real-time solution can meet the new threats head on and keep you protected.

Advanced protection for connected TV

SSAI Fraud

SSAI accounts for 40% of CTV traffic. The use of server side technology for ad stitching makes it extremely difficult to implement 3rd party verification codes onto ads. Protected Media certifies SSAI providers, and verifies SSAI traffic in real-time on each impression.

CTV Impersonation

Most CTV vendors support only IMG pixel integration, enabling fraudsters to easily impersonate CTV traffic by using bots, rough apps on mobile phones and P2P proxies. Our multilayered solution identifies non-CTV channels to ensure you only get real CTV traffic.

Sophisticated IVT

Fraudsters are already relying on sophisticated CTV attack vectors such as harnessing device farms without human viewers that are manipulated to act as real users. Protected Media’s solution identifies even the most advanced threats and ensures your CTV traffic isn’t hijacked.

Protect your business from ad fraud

Pre-bid Prevention

Detect fraud across channels in real-time before the bid is placed. Protected Media’s advanced pre-bid technology enables you to stop fraud before it happens.

Post-bid Detection

Get insights into the specific source of ad fraud post-impression. Our post-bid technology provides impression level detection to help you identify and act on fraudulent traffic.

Multi-threat elimination for display & video

Ad Fraud

Protect your ROI by constantly staying one step ahead of fraudsters. Verify that ads originate with real publishers and reach real people with Protected Media’s anti-fraud technology.


Are your ads being seen? And by whom? With our real-time granular reporting you can stay on top of viewability data for every campaign, channel, placement—and more, to quickly react when needed.

Brand Protection

Protected Media’s advanced methodologies pinpoint exactly where and in what context your ads are presented, so you can rest assured that no damage is suffered by your brand.


Accredited By Media Rating Council

Protected Media is MRC accredited for measurement of Display and Video Impressions within Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile In-App and Connected TV (non-SDK measurement), inclusive of Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) filtration, as well as granting accreditation of Display and Video Viewable Impressions and related viewability metrics within Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile In-App, inclusive of SIVT filtration.

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TCF registered Vendor

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