Protected Media Launches Pre-Bid Solution for Improved Ad Verification

Mars Media Group Implements Protected Media Pre-Bid Solution to eliminate fraud accurately and precisely, before marketers budgets are impacted by fake trafficn

TA, Aug 16, 2018 – Protected Media, a global provider of digital advertising solutions that detect ad fraud and improve traffic quality, announced today that their pre-bid anti-fraud solution is available for real time granular optimization of online advertising campaigns.

Protected Media’s pre-bid solution utilizes a variety of data sources including post bid data, to provide a more informed choice to the demand side’s bidder. The solution includes an on premise cache, to reach near real-time responses for minimal latency.

Mars Media Group, a leading global performance marketing agency that serves over 15 billion impressions daily, uses Protected Media’s pre-bid fraud detection and prevention solution to verify inventory for all ad formats across all devices.

Protected Media’s pre-bidding solution enables Mars Media Group to examine traffic quality at multiple levels, enabling them to block only the portion of traffic that is fraudulent based on post-bid data, without cancelling out a supply partner all together.

By providing their advertisers with verified, trusted traffic, Mars Media Group is able to increase marketer’s ROI.

“Our smart system currently identifies fraud free media for the specific needs of our clients,” explained Roi Livni, Head of Products at MMG. “We’re very impressed with the addition of a next generation pre-bid solution to our existing Protected Media anti-ad fraud suite. Not only can we guarantee our clients the best bids, but we are confident that we are working with a solution that is precise and accurate due to the growing inputs of data.”

“It’s a pleasure to work with a forward-thinking demand side partner such as Mars Media Group,” adds Amichai Zuntz, EVP Sales & Business Development at Protected Media. “Buying media is fraught with risk as cyber criminals continue to siphon media budgets using increasingly sophisticated ad-fraud schemes. Our pre-bid solution is another component of our suite of anti-ad fraud solutions, which were built from the ground up using cyber security techniques to improve ad traffic quality.”

About Mars Media Group

Mars Media Group is an online performance marketing agency with cutting edge technology, unique media channels as well as in-house Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and Data Management Platform (DMP), allowing the campaigns to deliver outstanding results for worldwide brand-customers in Mobile, Video, Display and Audio.


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