Tel-Aviv, August 14.

Yesterday, Protected Media was accredited for OTT by the Media Rating Council; today, the global provider of advanced cybersecurity ad fraud solutions announces the launch of ProtectedTV, a new technology suite designed and built to curb ad fraud across the connected TV (OTT/CTV) digital advertising ecosystem.

ProtectedTV is built from the ground up on an innovative cybersecurity approach that enables both demand and supply players to work in environments they trust, with the peace of mind of authenticated and verified user engagement. The cutting-edge solution is based on an advanced technological stack, cryptography, and network & computing core analysis. Unique capabilities include:

  • User & device authentication. Impression-level, tamper-proof cryptography that guarantees a trusted transaction. Each ad impression is uniquely verified and digitally signed using a patented three-way authentication, making it tamper-proof and preventing spoofing/impersonation at its root. Anyone along the media buying chain automatically verifies the source via PM’s trusted servers.
  • Data verification. Detection of the most sophisticated attacks, including novel CTV attack vectors, that creates transparency & confidence. The advertising platform’s control of the data allows for continuous supervision and control over how it is perceived and measured by the market.
  • Proactive “bad” source take-down. Off-platform value safeguarding that leads to reputation and revenue protection.

ProtectedTV’s independent supply-side verification & authentication technology is integrated into the platform and utilizes internal data to effectively (1) block malicious attacks directed at the platform; and (2) prevent misleading sale of “CTV inventory” on the open market that leads to loss of revenue and reputation dilution. This technology is based on device interrogation that creates a deep understanding of specific platforms & behaviour patterns. Cybersecurity methods are used to actively collect multiple signals from every transaction, providing deep insights relative to the validity and quality of any given transaction.

Asaf Greiner, CEO at Protected Media, said: “We’re here to solve the OTT fraud problem before it gets out of hand. We appreciate the fact that ad professionals want to do their jobs, and aren’t interested in pursuing fraudsters down cyber rabbit holes. Our mission is to keep OTT a clean advertising environment by building trust and baking verification into the system. Protected Media doesn’t just measure fraud – it solves fraud.”

Protected Media hase recently earned MRC’s OTT/CTV accreditation for video Served Impressions within the OTT environment, inclusive of SIVT filtration. John Nardone, CEO at Flashtalking, a global ad server working with Protected Media, said: “We are thrilled to see PM add OTT/CTV accreditations to their other MRC credentials.  As OTT/CTV is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our business, our joint clients can get even more value from our tag integration partnership with PM.”

Protected Media currently serves multiple OTT/CTV solution providers, scanning over 100 billion ad opportunities a month. David Zapletal, Chief Innovation & Media Officer at Digital Remedy, a U.S.-based, enterprise technology media solution working with Protected Media, said: “ProtectedTV is a game changer for ad fraud detection in the OTT/CTV space. It brings clarity and trust to digital advertisers. By partnering with the MRC-accredited Protected Media, we are able to help Digital Remedy clients eliminate fraudulent traffic. The value then becomes our ability to deliver campaign performance across measurable metrics, most notably overall campaign ROI.”

OTT Fraud is Growing in Scope and Sophistication

OTT/CTV adoption is on the rise – by consumers, advertisers and fraudsters alike. The new marketplace is growing rapidly and projected to reach 50% of all US households by 2024. As is typical for a young market, the OTT/CTV space is still only lightly regulated. The blackbox logic of many of its components make it uniquely murky and obscure. It is the perfect breeding ground for fraudulent activities, which are in fact quickly growing in scope and sophistication.

CTV ad fraud impacts trust and value for all stakeholders. The damage is both direct, when ad platforms and channels lose money and reputation, and indirect – when advertisers’ perception of the platforms’ value drops as a result of poor performance, while platforms lack the ability to defend their advertisers and inventory. As distrust permeates the environment, value quickly deteriorates and revenues decrease.

While there are many ad fraud solutions in the market, most have been designed and honed for the web market. These solutions typically employ Machine Learning techniques for big data analysis in order to measure the volume of fraudulent traffic and root out adverse sources.

While effective to some extent in the web scenario, these technologies don’t translate well to the OTT/CTV space. Not enough data to go on, and not enough experience to build coherent models, create a gap for ad fraud in Connected TVs that existing solutions just can’t bridge.

About Protected Media

Protected Media is a global innovator in ad fraud prevention and detection. ProtectedTV, Protected Media’s patent pending CTV solution, offers a unique three-way authentication and verification technology that guarantees the validity and quality of any given transaction across the CTV supply chain. Founded in 2014 by veterans of Israel’s cybersecurity industry, Protected Media uses cyber methodologies and the most advanced technological stack to protect its over 100 global customers from sophisticated ad fraud and current and emerging threats. HQ in Tel Aviv and an office in New York.

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