CTV is a new breeding ground for innovative ad fraud

The CTV market is booming, and hackers are rushing to hit gold in this yet unregulated territory. Advanced techniques like device spoofing, traffic impersonation and app emulators are employed to embezzle millions of ad dollars every day from their rightful owners. These fraudulent activities adversely impact value and trust for all stakeholders.

Anti-fraud methodologies designed for the web don’t cut it in the CTV space, which is radically different in both model and technology. A new technological ecosystem where fraudulent operations are growing in scope and sophistication calls for new measures.

Block CTV fraud from your platform

ProtectedTV is an independent supply-side verification & authentication solution based on advanced cybersecurity and device interrogation methods that actively collect multiple signals from every transaction. At the core is a patented 3-Way Handshake that enables anyone to easily verify and authenticate all transactions. Once an ad is served:
  1. Protected Media’s in-device integration collects parameters and internal data and sends it with a tamper-proof digital signature to Protected Media’s data center.
  2. Pixels/beacons sent from the device are appended with the tamper-proof digital signature for verification and authentication purposes.
  3. Anyone can easily verify and authenticate transactions by querying Protected Media’s data center.
ProtectedTV is easily integrated into your platform to effectively block malicious attacks and to prevent misleading sales of “CTV inventory” on the open market that leads to loss of revenue and reputation dilution.


Protected Media’s patented 3-Way Handshake combined with an advanced technological stack, cryptography, network & computing core analysis provides deep supply-side insights about the validity and quality of any given transaction. Based on these insights, which are impossible to obtain from demand-side introspection, Protected Media then rolls out logic for new threats which dramatically strengthen demand-side protection. By closing the feedback loop between supply and demand, Protected Media develops demand-side verification methodologies that are unattainable in any other way. This logic acts as a power multiplier for the entire system.


Protected Media is MRC accredited for display and video Served Impressions within Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile In-App, inclusive of SIVT filtration, and of video Served Impressions within the OTT environment, inclusive of SIVT filtration.


Don’t just measure CTV fraud. Prevent it with PROTECTEDTV.

Protected Media’s advanced cybersecurity CTV fraud solution guards you against current and emerging threats across OTT and CTV channels

CTV fraud is happening to you. Prevent it with PROTECTEDTV.

As CTV fraud increased in scope and sophistication, Protected Media’s advanced cybersecurity solution guards you against current and emerging threats across OTT and CTV channels.

Supply side solutions
for CTV fraud

Roku SDK

ProtectedTV’s Roku SDK provides protection for spoofing, impersonation, and replay attacks with tamper proof signed transactions and timestamps. The Roku SDK allows for deep verification within the Roku environment. It detects fraud using real Roku devices such as Roku farms and traffic quality issues such as inactive devices.

Smart Pixel for Platforms

ProtectedTV’s Smart Pixel for platforms is built for SDKs and tech stacks running in CTV apps and channels . It’s simple to integrate and provides strong anti-tampering, impersonation, and replay protection across most environments and OSs with signed CTV impressions.

SSAI Signed Pixel

ProtectedTV’s revolutionary SSAI Signed Pixel allows for positive identification of genuine SSAI servers and verifies the ad stitching service authenticity in real-time. Tamper proof certification of SSAI providers.

Pre-bid & Post-bid solutions for CTV fraud

ProtectedTV’s advanced pre-bid and post-bid solutions for the demand side are based on deep supply side insights that are fed into a closed feedback loop between supply and demand, enabling the fast generation of new fraud detection and prevention logics.

Detect fraud across CTV channels in real-time before the bid is placed to stop fraud before it happens. Get actionable insights into the specific source of CTV ad fraud post-impression to help you identify and act on fraudulent CTV traffic.

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