How to Bust Online Marketers Fraud

by Asaf Greiner, Nov 27, 2017 Asaf Greiner, Protected Media Founder and CEO warns us against fraudulent ads. Despite all the regulations, standards and consortium’s, ad fraud is still siphoning of huge portions of advertisers’ budgets. Today amateurs, with no programming experience can purchase or rent bots, and install them all over the web….

Ad Fraud In 2018 – Expect Bots, Blockchain And Ads.txt

by Asaf Greiner , Op-Ed Contributor, 15/11/2017 Ad fraud keeps making headlines, and everyone is wondering where it will go next. With bots multiplying and fraudsters becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s becoming harder to predict where ad fraud is headed. But here are some trends on the horizon for 2018: 1. Ad Fraud Climbs…

Ad Fraud Is The New School Mafia

30/08/2017 13:08 It’s no big news that ad fraud is rampant. Forrester estimated a “nominal dollar wastage” in 2016 of $7.4 billion on desktop/laptop in the United States alone.But, while everyone is busy talking about verifications and certifications not enough attention is given to the perpetrators. As long as organized crime…