“By partnering with the MRC-accredited Protected Media, we are able to help Digital Remedy clients eliminate fraudulent traffic. ProtectedTV is a game changer for ad fraud detection in the OTT/CTV space. It brings clarity and trust to digital advertisers. The value then becomes our ability to deliver campaign performance across measurable metrics, most notably overall campaign ROI.”

David Zapletal | Chief Innovation & Media Officer, Digital Remedy

“We’re here to solve the OTT fraud problem before it gets out of hand. We appreciate the fact that ad professionals want to do their jobs, and aren’t interested in pursuing fraudsters down cyber rabbit holes. Our mission is to keep OTT a clean advertising environment by building trust and baking verification into the system. By harnessing ProtectedTV, Digital Remedy doesn’t just measure fraud—it fights fraud efficiently.”

Asaf Greiner | Protected Media CEO

Cybersecurity Methodologies Increase Value for Flip Users 

Flip, a leading OTT/CTV advertising platform by Digital Remedy, provides full funnel attribution tracking and real-time campaign optimization across all major OTT platforms. Digital Remedy has created a scalable, efficient OTT buying marketplace for advertisers with the Flip solution—and now it’s protecting clients from fraudulent traffic with the next level of ad fraud identification and prevention technology. 

Digital Remedy prioritizes quality over quantity as a long-term strategy for the creation of real, sustainable yield for its network of clients, including advertisers and agencies. In order to keep the funnel clean and achieve value over fake clicks, Digital Remedy partnered with Protected Media and implemented its ProtectedTV cybersecurity solution for all Flip users. Digital Remedy is upping the ante against fraudsters to ensure clients access only to premium, brand-safe inventory. Digital Remedy clients can rest assured that their ads are served to validated, authenticated audiences, so that engagement actually occurs. 

ProtectedTV is built from the ground up, on an innovative cybersecurity approach that enables both demand and supply players to work in environments they trust, with the peace of mind of authenticated and verified user engagement. 

The cutting-edge ProtectedTV solution is based on an advanced technological stack, cryptography, and network & computing core analysis. ProtectedTV’s independent supply-side verification & authentication technology utilizes internal data to effectively (1) block malicious attacks directed at the platform; and (2) prevent misleading sale of “CTV inventory” on the open market that leads to loss of revenue and reputation dilution. 

By utilizing Protected Media anti-fraud technology, the Flip platform offers a layer of protection to ad campaigns—detecting and eliminating fraudsters—to make sure clients are only paying for real, genuine audiences and conversions, and that audiences are engaging only with validated, authenticated traffic. This innovative partnership is the latest example of the ongoing commitment of Digital Remedy to its clients and the company’s bid to create more clarity, transparency, and trust in the OTT/CTV space. 

About Digital Remedy

Digital Remedy is a leader in data powered technology and services for marketers with a simple belief: create solutions that solve problems. Digital Remedy delivers advertisers, publishers, and agencies the innovation, technology, and customer service they need to make the most of their digital advertising endeavors. From audience extension and targeting strategies, to campaign optimization and inventory monetization, Digital Remedy provides cross-channel efficiencies to solve any marketing challenge.

About Protected Media

Protected Media is a global leader in ad fraud prevention and detection. ProtectedTV, Protected Media’s patent pending CTV solution, offers a unique three-way authentication and verification technology that guarantees the validity and quality of any given transaction across the CTV supply chain. Founded in 2014 by veterans of Israel’s cybersecurity industry, Protected Media uses cyber methodologies and the most advanced technological stack to protect its over 100 global customers from sophisticated ad fraud and current and emerging threats. HQ in Tel Aviv and an office in New York. 

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