Real-Time verification

The New Generation of Traffic Protection

Instantly validate ads for authenticity, safety, and quality through real-time verification with only one line of code

Protected RTV for Publishers and Monetization Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of digital advertising, traffic quality and compliance play a pivotal role in shaping your relationships with demand partners. Protected RTV is a next-generation verification solution, tailored for publishers and monetization technologies. Protected RTV is generating a real-time user score based on a unique quality and compliance system. Empower data-driven monetization decisions in real-time, before deploying ads, elevating your reputation as a premium supply source, resulting in higher rates.

Real-Time Scoring System

Generating a real-time impression score based on a unique quality and compliance system.

Real-Time Decision Making

Enable data-driven decision making in real-time. Set monetization rule according to every impression score, before deploying an ad.

Cost Effective Solution

Protect your revenue and elevate your reputation as a premium source, resulting in higher rates.

Simple Integration

Unlock the power of Protected RTV with a single line of code.

Data-Driven Dashboard

Gain actionable insights and unparalleled data transparency. Leverage our intuitive dashboard and granular reporting to optimize your performance, track your success, and make data-driven decisions.

Don’t just direct traffic. Select it with REAL-TIME aI.

Experience the remarkable power of real-time verification. Request a demo and witness its capabilities in action.

Master Quality Control with Just One Line of Code

Integrate a robust solution for immediate impression-level scoring. Get data-driven insights in milliseconds to optimize monetization. Our 3-tier scoring system (fraud, suspicious, clean) employs advanced cybersecurity algorithms, including hundreds of logics, backed by ever-evolving AI. Stay aligned with industry standards effortlessly.

Safeguard Your Traffic for Ensured Revenue Protection

Plug-and-Play Integration

Unlock real-time user verification with a single line of code. Our dedicated engineers provide seamless integration support, ensuring an already simple process becomes even easier.

Smart Agent Guiding

No more report hassle. Meet Protected Smart Agent, your dashboard’s AI ally. Instant real-time analysis, custom insights for smart decisions.

Around the Clock Services

Count on our expert team for round-the-clock support and guidance. Our clients take center stage, and we’re committed to showing it every step of the way.

invalid traffic is everywhere. ensure compliance with Protected RTV.

Combatting abnormal user behavior and invalid traffic is crucial. Discover Real-Time Verification for empowered control and optimized profits.

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