The Domino Effect: Traffic Quality Trends Every Publisher Must Know

August 30th, 2023.

by ProtectedMedia Team.

In the dynamic landscape of online publishing, the currency of success is undoubtedly high-quality website traffic. However, the persistent issue of low-quality traffic looms, casting shadows over their reputation, revenue streams, and even user security.
Join us as we delve into this critical issue, exploring the key factors that influence traffic quality. Equipped with insightful data and a robust solution, we aim to empower ad-tech publishers with the tools needed to overcome these challenges.

Balancing Quantity with Quality: The Battle for Website Traffic

In the quest for increased advertising revenue, publishers find themselves engaged in a fierce battle to boost their website traffic. While some established publishers enjoy organic traffic, the majority of online magazines and publishing companies resort to media buying tactics to expand their audience and attract demand partners. The familiar avenues for such growth include content recommendation platforms (native ad buying) and social media. However, creeping in the shadows of this world are two formidable adversaries that threaten traffic quality: abnormal user behaviors and sophisticated bots.

Abnormal user behaviors manifest as non-compliant traffic, spurred by indicators such as misleading locations (often through VPN usage) or short time on page, which can be signs of deception or incentivization. Meanwhile, the rise of sophisticated bots, malicious entities that exploit advertising profits, poses an increasingly alarming threat. Astonishingly, the Coalition for Better Ads estimates that as much as 20% of digital ad impressions fall prey to fraud, casting a cloud of uncertainty over the legitimacy of the digital advertising domain.

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The Menace of Made For Advertising (MFA) Websites

In the ever-evolving world of digital publishing, a sinister entity has begun to rear its head: Made for Advertising (MFA) websites. These platforms, designed solely to steal advertising revenue, pose a significant risk to both publishers’ integrity and financial stability due to their deceptive tactics. Alarming trends have already surfaced, with a recent study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) revealing that 21% of impressions served were on MFA sites.

The problem is further compounded by the emergence of advanced Generative AI (Gen-AI) tools like ChatGPT and Bard, which facilitate the creation of low-quality content, fueling the growth of MFA websites.

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Empowering Publishers: Taking the Wheel

As the landscape continues to shift, publishers, website owners, and content creators must adapt to this new reality. While verification solutions often cater to advertisers and programmatic systems, publishers require solutions tailored to their unique needs. Positioned at the tail end of the supply chain, publishers lack the luxury of pre-bidding their impressions, necessitating lightweight yet effective verification solutions.

Protected Media’s Real-Time Traffic Verification (RTV), is a tailored solution empowering publishers to identify compliance breaches in real-time. By integrating just a single line of code into their assets, publishers gain access to real-time compliance scores for each impression, driven by powerful AI and machine learning algorithms. This data-driven monetization solution equips publishers with scores for each user or impression, enabling informed decisions before ad deployment. The result? Minimized risk exposure to demand partners, reduced deductions, and an enhanced reputation that translates to higher rates.

Benefits of RTV:

Amid the Sea of MFA Websites, Let Your Brilliance Shine

In an environment teeming with MFA websites, it is crucial for publishers to stand out. As we conclude, it’s clear that the challenges of the digital realm continue to evolve, necessitating the proactive adaptation of publishing companies and creators. At Protected Media, we provide publishers with a comprehensive solution to safeguard their reputation and revenue. In a realm of uncertainties, equip yourself with the tools to stay ahead and fortify your bottom line. Learn more from our Protected RTV clients and see how our solution can empower you to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of digital publishing.

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