Lucia Moses
Business Insider
Jul 27, 2020

 Protected Media has recently launched an industry-wide takedown operation of Hydra, an advanced, proactive, large-scale ad fraud operation. We’ve joined forces with Google, TAG, other security companies, and major advertisers to provide industry players with dedicated data enabling them to identify Hydra’s fraud and cut it off. 

The Slay Hydra Operation is a testament to the prowess of Protected Media’s cybersecurity approach for ad fraud detection, even in the face of the most technologically and conceptually advanced fraud schemes. 

The reactions to our coordinated cross-industry response have been overwhelmingly positive. As stated by a Google spokesperson: “We commend Protected Media for sharing information on the Hydra ad fraud scheme and collaborating with the broader industry, which is key to minimizing impact.” 

Read about the Slay Hydra Operation on @Business Insider

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