Integrated solution will provide all stakeholders in the digital advertising chain with robust ad fraud detection across all environments

By SpringServe

New York, NY.–(Monday, March 25, 2019) 

SpringServe, the leader in video ad serving, today announced that it has partnered with Protected Media, an MRC (Media Rating Council) accredited real-time traffic detection and filtration technology provider. The partnership will provide SpringServe clients with advanced cyber security tools, including sophisticated evaluation of the legitimacy of ads with impression-level data verification.

SpringServe is taking proactive measures for fraud protection, in order to safeguard its clients from spending wastefully on fraudulent inventory. Users are able to tap into Protected Media’s Pre-Bid service to detect fraud in real-time before an ad is served. Users will also have the option to select Post-Bid detection to get insight into the specific source of ad fraud post impression. Protected Media’s capabilities encompass all environments, with unique expertise in In-app traffic. Protected Media provides SpringServe the capabilities to protect their customers from some of the most advanced fraudulent schemes out there, including impersonating bots, fake app usage, publisher fraud, and more. The integration does not require an SDK or VPAID, making it ideal for in-app use cases.

“Our goal is to give publishers and networks the tools to combat highly sophisticated techniques of in-app ad fraud,” said Joe Hirsch, CEO of SpringServe.  “With Protected Media, we can ensure our clients have the ad fraud protection they deserve.”

“We are proud to provide SpringServe with our in-depth SIVT and GIVT detection tools.” said Asaf Greiner, CEO and founder of Protected Media. “Tapping into our accurate and granular information both in Real-time and Post-bid will provide SpringServe users the reassurance that advertising dollars are well spent.”

About Protected Media

Protected Media’s solutions enable buyers and sellers of digital advertising to ensure that display mobile and video ads are properly located, visible, and seen by real people.  Protected Media’s technology provides in-depth information at the impression level to detect problematic traffic so agencies can work side by side with publishers to identify and eliminate suspicious activity to dramatically increase overall ad quality. For more information, visit

About SpringServe

SpringServe, an open video ad platform, offers a full stack of ad serving, optimization, and automation solutions to make video ad serving smarter. Clients get control, transparency, and analytics to increase ad performance and revenue from media sales. Headquartered in New York City, SpringServe is an independent solution that helps clients around the world effortlessly navigate the digital advertising ecosystem. Find out what the next generation of ad-serving looks like. For more information, visit

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